Monday, December 23, 2013

Xend Shipping Comes to Familia Nunag’s Residence

Hello guys!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was eventful. J

The Familia Nunag is shying away from the Christmas rush.  You won’t believe the traffic kasi.  Parang big parking lot lang ang kalsada.  We just decided to stay at home.  No, we didn’t clean and do chores.  We just stayed at home and REST, literally.

But since it’s nearing Christmas na, I received some gifts delivered by Xend.  

Look at these:

Pantene rewards from BDJ.  Sign up here and they’ll give you these Pantene products (in full sizes no less).

From Sample Room. I love the Sample Room.  I get to try the products first before I buy them – so I get the feel agad if I like the product or not.  No money wasted J

Since I’m a practical mom, and I’m encouraging you to be one too, try these online freebies too J

Happy Monday!


  1. mine is coming na.. katatawag lang kaso naligaw eh.. LOl

    1. hahaha, ganyan din ung pantene ko. naligaw din. sa ibang bahay dumating. buti napansin nila hehe

  2. ayyy.. Hindi pa pla pantene yung dumating.. haysss..


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